CNBLUE’s Kang Minhyuk to Replace Kim Kwang Gyu as Regular Cast Member on “I Live Alone”

Actor Kim Kwang Gyu will be bidding his farewells to “I Live Alone.”

On July 21, PD Choi Haeng Ho confirmed that Kim Kwang Gyu will be replaced by CNBLUE‘s Kang Minhyuk as a regular cast member.

“Kim Kwang Gyu will be leaving the program after the July 24 broadcast. For the episode, we plan on including Kim Kwang Gyu exchanging his final goodbyes with the ‘Rainbow Live Corner’ members. The last filming has already been completed,” he shared. “The plan is to fill Kim Kwang Gyu’s empty spot with CNBLUE member Kang Minhyuk, who has been confirmed as a member of the regular cast after his recent appearance on the ‘Rainbow Live Corner.'”

Kim Kwang Gyu is one of the original members of “I Live Alone,” having been with the program since its premiere broadcast in March of 2013.

Looks like Kang Minhyuk is following in the footsteps of sunbae Kim Dong Wan of Shinhwa, who was similarly recruited as a regular cast member after receiving a positive reaction from viewers during his guest appearance on the show.

What are your thoughts on Kang Minhyuk replacing Kim Kwang Gyu?

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