Haru Wishes Her Dad Tablo a Happy Birthday With Adorable Instagram Photos and Handmade Card

Epik High‘s Tablo is celebrating his birthday on July 22, and his daughter Haru has posted some sweet birthday messages for her dad on Instagram – with some help from her mom, actress Kang Hye Jung!

Tablo and Haru left the popular KBS show “Superman Returns” in December 2014, but thankfully as Haru’s parents are active on social media, fans have still been able to catch glimpses of the adorable young girl as she grows up.

Just before midnight, a photo was posted on the Instagram @tabloisdad, which is reportedly managed by Kang Hye Jung. The photo reads “Happy birthday, dad” and the caption says “It’s going to start soon! #dad’sbirthday #0722.”

The next photo shows Haru smiling up at the camera with the text “I love you, dad. Happy birthday, dad. Dad, you’re the best! – Haru.”


A third photo shows Haru making a funny pose in a bright outfit with the English caption, “Yo, happy birthday to tablo oh~ #welike2party.”


Tablo also posted a photo of a birthday card made by Haru to his own Instagram, @blobyblo, in the early hours of July 22. He writes as the caption, “When I came home in the early hours of my birthday after finishing up work, I found this letter on my bed. I’m not sure whether it was because I was grateful or sorry, but some unfamiliar emotion made me cry. In this moment, I think that I’ve become a grown-up.”


Happy birthday, Tablo!

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