Girls’ Generation Dares to Reveal Their Most Derpy Photos on “Channel Girls’ Generation”

On Girls’ Generation‘s first episode of their new OnStyle reality show “Channel Girls’ Generation,” they play a game to win a set of designer perfume. They have to answer trivia questions and complete missions in order to collect points and win!

For one of the rounds, each of the members is given a board with three embarrassing photos of herself – most of them are unfortunate screenshots or funny faces. They can choose to uncover them to get more points, but each photo will be more embarrassing than the last and they can’t look at them in advance to decide if they want everyone to see them. All the girls except for Hyoyeon (who is winning the game at the time) dare to rip off the cover to reveal their first embarrassing photo.

Some of them are worse than others. Sunny thinks that hers looks pretty cute while Sooyoung is left horrified by hers and demands more points for revealing it.


Sooyoung and Taeyeon bow out after that round, but the rest keep going on. Everyone seems to be in agreement that Sunny’s is the worst this time around!


Their third and most derpy photos will be revealed in next week’s episode. What photos do you think are going to show up on their boards?

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