VIXX’s N Reveals His Past High School Smarts on “Off to School”

On the July 21 episode of JTBC’s “Off to School,” VIXX’s N and A Pink’s Jung Eunji get assigned to the same class.

During his interview prior to going to the school, N reveals that his favorite subject is Korean Language. However, once he goes to class, he makes a grammatical mistake. Later, he says, “This is going to sound like an excuse, but I hated grammar.” His contradictory statements lead to laughter.

The Korean Language teacher says to him, “I heard that you were ranked first at school though?” To that, he replies, “Yes, once… Where did you hear that?” inciting laughter.


Despite his current grammar skills, N accomplished a great feat by once being ranked first in his whole high school. He must have been very smart!

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