Yang Hyun Suk Confirms iKON’s Debut Date

In a recent interview, Yang Hyun Suk confirmed iKON’s debut date while discussing YG Entertainment and its artists. He confirmed that iKON would be debuting after BIGBANG’s promotions end.

It appears as though the head of YG Entertainment was not planning on revealing this news, but ended up answering after receiving questions about iKON during his interview. The reporter asked whether the next YG artist to promote would be iKON or WINNER. He replied, “We haven’t been able to rest since BIGBANG is releasing new songs every month until September 1. It’s not easy to film two music videos every time. So we had no choice but to avoid promoting iKON and BIGBANG at the same time. [iKON] will debut on September 15.”

He continued, “There is great significance for YG to have [iKON] debuting after BIGBANG since they are a hip-hop boy group. We will do our best to launch them. Both iKON and WINNER have produced around 50 songs each. Since BIGBANG is in their ninth year, they are at a stage when they can release a song whenever. But a couple of years ago, their songs were often rejected. WINNER and iKON are not ripe yet. Altogether their 100 songs were rejected, but a few of them are being fixed. We want to make both groups long-lasting like BIGBANG. YG has always placed great importance on musicians making their own music and teaching them to develop those talents. iKON and WINNER will not be an exception. It’s great that they can make their own clothes [music].”

Are you excited about iKON’s debut?

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