Kim Tae Hee Is Tearful and Despondent in First “Yong Pal” Stills

The first stills of Kim Tae Hee on the set of SBS’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Yong Pal” have been released.

The scene in question was filmed on July 17 at a cathedral in Cheongpa-dong. Portraying the role of heiress Han Yeo Jin, Kim Tae Hee is full of sorrow as she attends the funeral of the man she loves. Apparently, he passed away due to a car accident.

The smog and sunlight contribute to a mysterious atmosphere as the actress makes her entrance into the cathedral. Full of tears, she definitely looks like she has endured great sadness.

Yong Pal 2

Wearing a simple black dress and minimal makeup, the actress looks beautiful while maintaining her heartbroken and melancholy visage.

Yong Pal

A staff member present at the filming revealed, “It was the first filming, but Kim Tae Hee completely immersed herself into her character as Han Yeo Jin and successfully depicted being bereaved. She discussed her character’s emotions and monitored herself with Director Oh Jin Seok.”

Yong Pal Behind the Scenes

“Yong Pal” is a drama about a talented doctor who makes secret house calls to wealthy patients and meets an heiress in a coma. The first episode is slated to air on August 5 after “Mask” ends its run.

Are you looking forward to seeing her acting when the drama airs?

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