E-Sens Sentenced to Prison for Marijuana Use

Rapper E-Sens was sentenced to prison after having been found guilty of marijuana usage.

On July 22, Seoul Western District Court sentenced E-Sens to one year and six months in jail and a 550,000 won fee (478 USD) at the verdict hearing for his marijuana usage.

The department of justice said, “The defendants admitted to all of the charges, and therefore they were found guilty.” About the sentence, they said, “While still on probation for the same crime, this incident occurred and with two counts of marijuana purchase and usage, it is not a light crime. Even while he was in investigations, E-Sens continued to commit those crimes.” They revealed, “He is not repentant.”

Meanwhile, E-Sens has been found guilty of the same crime before in the past. In 2011, he was accused of marijuana usage and in 2012, he was sentenced to one year and two months in jail and two years of probation.

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