Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Flusters YoonA While Guessing Her Ideal Type

Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri got straight to the point while guessing fellow member YoonA‘s ideal type.

On the July 21 episode of “Channel Girls’ Generation,” the members are asked to guess the three criteria for YoonA’s ideal man. Yuri gives it a go, and she guesses, “A man who looks good in a suit, a man who looks good in a white shirt…”

girls' generation

Yuri then blurts, “Lee Seung Gi” as the last criterion, inciting laughter. YoonA looks embarrassed at the direct mention of her boyfriend, who she is currently in a public relationship with.

Meanwhile, “Channel Girls’ Generation” is the first reality show that the eight members of Girls’ Generation are engaging in. Through the program, the members will create their own content with topics that they are interested in.

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