Lee Dong Wook and Jung Ryeo Won to Have Drama Reunion After 12 Years

On July 22, a drama insider revealed that actors Lee Dong Wook and Jung Ryeo Won will be acting together 12 years after their last project together. The two actors are reportedly going to act together in tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Bubblegum (working title)” which will air either this December or January of next year.

According to this report, Lee Dong Wook will portray the role of Park Li Hwan who is the director of a hospital. Jung Ryeo Won’s character will be a radio DJ named Kim Haeng Ah. The drama will tell an adult fairy tale about individuals who feel a bit empty and find happiness as they spend time together. The drama will mostly be set in the backdrop of the hospital and broadcasting station.

The two actors previously acted together in SBS’s sitcom “Live Properly” in 2003. If they end up acting in this drama together, it will be a reunion in 12 years.

tvN has commented that both actors are currently looking over their casting offers favorably, but have not confirmed their roles yet. Also, “Bubblegum” is highly likely to air after “Cheese in the Trap” ends.

Would you like to see the actors act as a couple in this drama?

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