So Ji Sub Returns as Rapper and Is Ready to Face His Haters With “So Ganzi”

Actor So Ji Sub is back as a rapper, and he certainly has something to say to his haters.

On July 22, various music sites released So Ji Sub’s new song “So Ganzi,” featuring Soul Dive and Newday.

so ji sub1

There are two versions of this song, “So Ganzi (White)” and “So Ganzi (Black),” which have the same lyrics but give off completely different vibes.

The autobiographical lyrics translate roughly to, “Bite me again as much as you want. Haters, I know my rap is like an axe to my feet. It’s totally unrelated to my acting.”

so ji sub 3

He’s definitely making a bold move to call out his haters and express his true thoughts.

Listen to “So Ganzi” black and white versions below! The music video will be released soon.



What do you think of his new song?

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Update August 3, 2015 KST:

White version MV

Black version MV

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