Epik High Wowed by Tour of Twitter HQ on First Episode of Tour Diary Show

Idolic TV has released the first episode of Epik High‘s tour diary show entitled “Hip-hop Like Flowers,” which follows the trio as they embark on their spring 2015 North American tour!

The episode shows them jetting off to their first stop: San Francisco. On the first day of their trip, the group heads to Twitter HQ for a tour. According to the show, they’re the first Korean celebrities to get a tour of the Twitter offices!

Tablo is so amazed by how huge the place is that he runs up and down the long hallway, and comes back totally amazed and a bit out of breath. They also get to have lunch in the cafeteria, where Tablo and Mithra start a spontaneous skit in which they pretend to be a new Twitter employee and his friend.

Tablo also took to his own Twitter while they were there to post some photos of their tour! He added the caption “@twitter invited us to their HQ. Tweeting from twitter…”




You can watch the first episode of their new show “Hip-hop Like Flowers” below!