A Pink’s Manager Chooses Bomi as Most Troublesome Member and Reveals Why

On the July 22 broadcast of MBC Every1‘s “Weekly Idol,” A Pink appear as guests to promote their latest album “Pink Memory.”

The girls play the usual hit song random play game, but their poor manager comes out to take the punishment in their stead.

When asked by the MCs whom the most troublesome member is, the group’s manager of a year and six months replies without hesitation, “Bomi.”


When asked why, he continues, “She talks way too much.”

MC Jung Hyung Don prods, “What does she talk about?” But the manager says he doesn’t even know himself.


Member Hayoung went on to do the honors in exacting the water bucket punishment on their manager.

Meanwhile, “Weekly Idol” airs every Wednesday at 6 p.m., KST.


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