A Pink Shows Their Support for New TOP Media Group UP10TION

The new TOP Media group UP10TION, which is known as “Teen Top‘s brother group,” has gotten a boost of support from their A Pink sunbaes!

On July 22, UP10TION’s official Twitter posted a photo of the girls of A Pink posing with UP10TION members Hwanhee and Jinhoo. The tweet reads, “Do! You! Remember! The support that A Pink gave to Jinhoo and Hwanhee.”

UP10TION is a ten-member group that is currently revealing their members through a “King of Mask Singer” style show entitled “King of Masked Rookie UP10TION.” In the photo, the two newly revealed members Hwanhee and Jinhoo are holding a sign that looks like the popular portal site Naver that’s been made up to read as a support message for them, and it looks like it’s been signed by A Pink!

Are you excited to see all the UP10TION members debut soon?

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