Luhan Gearing Up to Release His Own Solo Album in China

Following the news of Tao’s debut as a solo artist in China, it has been revealed that Luhan is also gearing up to release his own solo album as well.

On July 22, Luhan updated his personal Weibo account, sharing his thoughts on working on a new album: “Started recording for a new album. I’m a little nervous, a little uneasy, and a little tired, but more than that, I’m excited. I’ll see you on stage!”

Along with this message, Luhan revealed a photo of himself, which appears to have been taken during one of his recording sessions in the studio.

Since filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment for a contract termination, Luhan has focused his solo activities on his career as an actor, rather than a singer, in China. He has starred in a number of movies, but now, it seems that he is preparing to make his return to music!

Are you looking forward to it?

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