Teen Top and Park Myung Soo Release Collab “Myung Soo Wind” MV

After starting to work together on a song on the July 16 episode of Mnet’s “Myung Soo’s DJing,” Teen Top and Park Myung Soo have unveiled their collaborative music video for “Myung Soo Wind.”

Previously, the boy group learned some tips about EDM music from Park Myung Soo. Park Myung Soo, going by G-Park, composed the song while L.Joe wrote the lyrics. Interesting enough, only the Teen Top members actually sing the song.

The music video appears to be filmed at the same location as the show. You can watch the boy group have fun and show off quirky dance moves. Also, there are even karaoke style lyrics included in the video. Park Myung Soo appears intermittently DJing as well.

Check out their fun music video below!

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