[Update] GD&TOP to Make a Comeback With New Track in “MADE” Series E!

[Updated] GD & TOP teaser image released + release date of August 5 for track “ZZUTTER.”

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According to an exclusive report by Star News, the August release of BIGBANG’s comeback project “MADE” will be a little different from the previous months’ releases. Instead of a full group release, BIGBANG’s sub-unit GD&TOP will be returning with a new track for the first time in four years!

Starting in May, BIGBANG dropped a series of new tracks on the first of every month to complete the final “MADE” album, which will be released in September with the addition of another brand new track.

Each part of the MADE series has contained two songs thus far. In August, BIGBANG will be coming out with the ‘E’ series, which will include GD&TOP’s new song.

According to industry insiders on July 23, G-Dragon and T.O.P are currently filming for the music video of their unit track. This is their first project together since the release of “High High” in December of 2010.

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It has been confirmed by YG Entertainment: “One of the songs in BIGBANG’s comeback project album ‘E’ this August will be by unit GD&TOP.” The second track will be a song by the entire group.

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