SBS’ “We Want to Know” to Dive Into Lee Jung Hee’s Case of Sexual Slavery

Recently the community page of the SBS program “We Want to Know” was full of netizen requests asking the show to look into the Lee Jung Hee case, in which she and her two children claim they were forced to live their lives in sexual slavery at the hands of her pastor husband and family for years and years, and the show has responded.

On the morning of July 23, the show posted a teaser image for the Lee Jung Hee episode, as well as a video teaser, showing bits of the press conference on the case conducted on October 29, 2014. The teasers are titled, “The truth of the sexual assault case of two children and their mother – Who is turning them into whistleblowers?”

While the Lee Jung Hee case first saw media light in October of last year, the story became an international sensation following Nate community posts made by Lee Jung Hee and her sons roughly a month ago, in late June. Lee Jung Hee’s story spread like wildfire via social networking sites, trending under the hashtag #HelpLeeJungHee.

Following, on June 25, police delved into official investigations, although so far, the pastor husband is denying all charges.

According to a report by Wikitree, the police also clarified via an internet cafe that Lee Jung Hee and her two sons have not been kidnapped. “Talk of Lee Jung Hee and her two sons being kidnapped and confined in a mental hospital is not true.”

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