Goo Hara Explains Why She’s Only Partly Satisfied With Her Life and How She Feels About Mean Comments

KARA member Goo Hara revealed the reason why she is only 60 percent satisfied with her life.

On the July 23 broadcast of MBC Cool FM‘s “Sunny’s FM Date,” Goo Hara, who recently made her debut as a solo artist, appeared as a guest.

When asked about how satisfied she was with her life, she answers, “I think 60 percent.” When Sunny, the DJ, asks her, “Why only that?” she replies, “There’s still a long road up ahead, and there’s a lot for me to do.” Goo Hara adds, “I’m at an age where I’m not old, and I’m not young. I think right now is a very important point in my life.”

During the show, she also speaks about the mature way she deals with malicious comments. She says: “I saw a lot of malicious comments: ‘Why is Goo Hara coming out as a solo,’ ‘Why you,’ and things like that. I couldn’t not look at it. I have to catch what the public thinks about me and I have to be stimulated by that and fix things and show that I’m working harder, so I had to look at those comments. I don’t feel particularly great when I see things like that, but I got so many malicious comments over the years that I think it’s become better. Now, I don’t feel anything when I see those comments.”

Sunny asks, “Who says what mean things about you?” and Goo Hara says, “I always tend to get a lot of malicious comments. There are comments that show envy and jealousy plus the ones that say that they just don’t like me. There are malicious comments without reason and those with reason. There are comments that aren’t so malicious and are more like advice, and there are comments that are just mean. But I’m okay. I do feel upset but I tend to forget it easily, so I think I’m becoming numb to it.”

Meanwhile, Goo Hara released her first solo minialbum “ALOHARA” on July 14 and is now actively promoting her title song, “Choco Chip Cookie.”

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