BoA Confesses That She Regretted Saying She Would Write Every Track on “Kiss My Lips”

Asia’s star and veteran singer BoA shared how difficult it was to write all of the songs to her newest album, “Kiss My Lips.”

During a recent interview, she was asked, “You wrote all of the songs yourself for the album you released last May. Are you trying your hand at being a producer?”

She answered: “I released the ‘Kiss My Lips’ album two years and nine months since my last . The fact that there was a long hiatus means that the preparation time for the album was also long, and that I thought hard about it. There are a total of 12 songs on the album, and I participated in composing, writing lyrics, and producing all of the songs. As such, you could say that it’s the album that represents my intentions and colors in the clearest way. I wrote about 20 songs with no break, and I chose 12. I chose and recorded the songs until I was satisfied. With just the ‘Kiss My Lips’ track, I mixed the song about 26 times.”

She was then asked, “It couldn’t have been easy to make every song yourself. How did you come to make that decision?”

BoA then confessed: “Honestly, after I said that I would write all of the songs, I regretted it. Around last April, there was a meeting and I said, ‘I’m going to release an album next year,’ and I told them, ‘I’d like to try to write all of the songs myself.’ The company didn’t forget about that and kept putting pressure on me. I regretted it, kicking blankets at home and thinking, ‘Why did I do that?’ In conclusion, it was a difficult and huge challenge, but every moment was fun and rewarding. Now I understand the perspective of not just the singer, but also the composer, arranger, and producers, so I think this is going to be a good experience to my music career to come.”

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