Band Hyukoh Caught Up in Plagiarism Controversy

Band Hyukoh, who recently signed with Tablo’s new label HIGHGRND, is receiving attention due to accusations of plagiarism.

Through various online communities and SNS accounts, Hyukoh’s “Lonely” was found to be similar to The Whitest Boy Alive’s “1517.” Likewise, Hyukoh’s “Panda Bear” was compared to Yumi Zouma’s “Dodi.”

A representative from artist management company Drdr amc, who have helped Hyukoh for a lengthy period, stated, “This is the first we are hearing of the plagiarism controversy. We need to check on this situation.”

Having received a lot of attention for their participation in the upcoming “Infinity Challenge Music Festival 2015,” many are curious as to how this plagiarism controversy will affect their appearance on the show and festival.

MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” commented, “There needs to be a statement about the plagiarism controversy from their agency first. It’s too early to discuss whether or not they will appear on the show.”

Meanwhile, Hyukoh has been experiencing great success on music charts with their songs “Wi Ing Wi Ing” and “Comes and Goes.”

Check out the songs involved in the plagiarism controversy below:

Hyukoh – “Lonely”

The Whitest Boy Alive – “1517”

Hyukoh – “Panda Bear”

Yumi Zouma – “Dodi”

Do you think Hyukoh is guilty of plagiarism?

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Update: Hyukoh Releases Official Statement in Response to Plagiarism Accusations

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