Hyukoh Releases Official Statement in Response to Plagiarism Accusations

With increasing popularity comes an increase in attention – both good and bad.

Soon after the accusations of plagiarism against recently trending band Hyukoh hit the media, the band’s new agency, HIGHGRND, quickly responded with an official statement.
On July 24, HIGHGRND formally stated:

“This is an official statement addressing articles in relation to Hyukoh’s plagiarism controversy.

First, it is unfortunate that these songs that the artist worked hard to prepare have been swept up in this kind of controversy.

In the case of “Lonely,” Hyukoh performed this song as the opening for the leader of The Whitest Boy Alive, Erlend Oye, when he visited Korea in March of last year. The party directly involved actually complimented [Hyukoh] on this song.

Panda Bear” is a song that [Hyukoh] has been performing since last year, and was officially released in January [of this year]. Taking into consideration the fact that the time frame of the release of Yumi Zouma’s song was in March, the timing is impossible.

We will view [this controversy] as the public’s anticipation for Hyukoh to showcase better music with growing interest, and they will greet everyone with even better music in the future.”

Take a listen to the songs that have been accused of plagiarism in the article here.

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