Park Jin Young’s Special Training Method for Rain Revealed

On the July 24 broadcast of SBS Love FM’s “Hello Mister Rok Gi,” Can Entertainment’s CEO Kang Seung Ho appeared as a guest to discuss the topic of debuting singers. Having debuted singers Kim Jong Seo, Park Sang Min, and CAN, many were interested to hear his thoughts.

Kang Seung Ho reveals Park Jin Young’s special training method used for debuting Rain and says, “When Park Jin Young was training singer Rain, he made him sing while running on a treadmill. I was really shocked.” He continues, “He said that if you’re a singer you should be able to sing fine while running on a treadmill.”

DJ Hong Rok Gi comments, “No wonder Rain’s songs include a lot of breathing. [emits breathing sounds] His breathing is half air and half sound,” drawing out laughter.

Meanwhile, “Hello Mister Rok Gi” goes on air every weekday from 2:20 to 4 p.m. KST.

What do you think of Park Jin Young’s training tactics?

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