Yano Shiho Reveals Her Surfing Talent on Instagram!

Yano Shiho, Chu Sarang’s mom, recently hit the waves and showed off her awesome surfing skills!

She posted pictures of herself surfing some big waves on her Instagram and wrote, “I love surfing ♥♥♥,” and “fun surfing.”

yano shiho

Prior to these photos, she uploaded one of her and her friends enjoying the water with the caption, “Let’s go surfing!”

yano shiho3

This is the first time she has posted a picture of herself surfing and she seems almost professional at it! While on top of the surfboard, her fit, model body is garnering much loving attention from her fans.

Meanwhile, you can catch her and her daughter, Chu Sarang, on the popular show “Superman Returns” every Sunday at 4:50 p.m. KST.

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