Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Shares Packing Tips and Shows Her Bedroom for First Time on “Heart a Tag”

On the latest episode of Mnet‘s beauty and style show “Heart a Tag,” host Tiffany of Girls’ Generation gives viewers some tips on how to pack for a vacation. While she films herself packing, she also provides a glimpse into her bedroom on film for what she says is the first time since her debut!

She shows off the massive number of pouches that she uses when she’s traveling, in which she organizes all her different kinds of items, like make-up and hair products.


She shows viewers how to pack their clothing so that they can fit as many items into their suitcases as possible. She also reveals that when she goes on beach vacations, she brings enough bathing suits that after she goes swimming, she can switch into another one while her wet one is drying!


Her adorable little dog Prince is also seen scampering in and out of the room and chilling on her bed during the clip.


Viewers only get a view of her wardrobes, bed, and some items in one corner, but it’s a cute glimpse into Tiffany’s daily life!


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