Song Triplet Manse Looks Like the Lead Singer of Indie Band Hyukoh?

In the midst of Indie band Hyukoh being put into the spotlight due to a plagiarism controversy, which their agency HIGHGRND has firmly denied, netizens have pointed out an interesting similarity between one of the band members and one of Song Il Gook‘s triplets

Since making an appearance on MBC’s variety show “Infinity Challenge,” netizens have started to take more interest in Hyukoh, even finding the lead singer, Oh Hyuk, a possible doppelgänger.

Recently, it has become a hot topic, as netizens found a striking resemblance between Oh Hyuk and the youngest Song triplet, Song Manse.

During a recent interview, Oh Hyuk addressed the comments, joking, “To be honest, it’s not that I look like Manse, but that Manse looks like me. I’m older than him by 20 years. But it feels good to hear that I have a resemblance to the cute Manse. I’m not sure if I actually look like him. Manse looks way better than me.”

oh hyuk song manseoh hyuk song manse

Do you see the resemblance between Oh Hyuk and Manse?

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