YG Entertainment Explains Why GD&TOP’s “MADE Series – E” Single Drops on August 5

YG Entertainment recently announced that one of the newest additions to BIGBANG‘s “MADE” series will be a track by the group’s sub-unit GD&TOP.

All previous songs in the “MADE” series, which are set to be released as a full album in September, have been dropped on the first day of the month. However, this time around GD&TOP’s new track will be put out on August 5. YG Entertainment has also confirmed that the “MADE Series – E” single album will also include a song by the whole group.

As fans have been curious as to why the release is delayed for the August single, YG Entertainment has released a statement that explains their decision.

“BIGBANG will be returning to Korea in the beginning of August from their world tour,” says a representative of YG Entertainment. “They plan to communicate with their global fans directly through a live broadcast on ‘V‘ app on August 4, the day before their comeback.”

“The members can’t appear on shows very often, so they say that they need to ensure that they have even a bit of time to meet with their fans,” the representative adds. “They will take just a day’s rest and then do the ‘V’ app live broadcast.”

BIGBANG is currently on their 2015 world tour “MADE,” which will be stopping in Jakarta, Indonesia on August 1. After their live broadcast on August 4 and release of “MADE Series – E” on August 5, their next tour stop is Shenzhen, China on August 7.

Are you excited for GD&TOP’s new track?

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