BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Says He Regrets Complimenting Seungri’s Singing on “Infinity Challenge”

BIGBANG‘s Seungri recently posted a screenshot on his Twitter of a netizen survey which had asked voters “Who is the best maknae idol who is loved by his hyungs?” Out of over 55,000 responses, Seungri took the top spot in the poll with 40.5% of votes. He was followed by SHINee‘s Taemin, EXO‘s Sehun, BEAST‘s Dongwoon, and Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun.

Seungri added the caption, “That’s right, I’m loved^^” and as his hashtag he wrote, “Our Seungri is good.”


His hashtag is a reference to fellow BIGBANG member G-Dragon’s recent comments on July 18’s episode of “Infinity Challenge,” when Kwanghee claimed that he was capable of singing Seungri’s parts in BIGBANG songs. In the scene, G-Dragon responded by laughing and insisting several times “Our Seungri is a good singer, “and “Our Seungri is good.”

G-Dragon has since responded to Seungri’s tweet by simply replying, “I shouldn’t have said that.”

It seems like maknae Seungri might never let G-Dragon live those compliments down!

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