Eric Bellinger Comments on Whether Singer Crush Plagiarized Him

Recently singer Crush has been under fire for suspicion of plagiarizing. His latest song “Oasis” has been compared to American singer Eric Bellinger’s “Awkward.” Due to similarities between the two songs, Crush has been accused of plagiarism.

Only July 25, Eric Bellinger revealed him thoughts on the plagiarism controversy on his Twitter account and wrote: “I’ve been seeing all the ‘Awkward/Oasis’ tweets… The songs sounded similar, but I don’t think it was plagiarism. Keep killin it.”

Eric Bellinger Tweet

After releasing “Oasis” earlier this month, Crush has achieved first place on various music charts and even received an all-kill.

What do you think about Eric Bellinger’s comments? Is Crush guilty of plagiarism or not?

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