Top K-Drama Moments From The 3rd Week Of July

These moments are the reasons why we continue our love affair with K-dramas. We can’t get enough of the punch of romance, and we’re always suckers for the seemingly minor yet tender-loaded scenes.

So, what’s on our list for the third week of July? Let’s have a look!

1. “Mask”: Save me, so, don’t leave me

While we admit that the plot has lost steam and become repetitive in the last few episodes, the romance still makes us giddy!

Min Woo and Ji Sook hit a rough patch when Mi Yeon exposes our heroine’s fraud. This gets Min Woo mad and he distances himself. The solution? Divorce! Well … not quite. Ji Sook has to divorce Min Woo to keep evil Seok Hoon from killing him to get his inheritance through her. However, Ji Sook is in a bind and feels she can’t fully confide in her husband which frustrates him. So, they go through a hilarious couple counseling where they insist that they must divorce while showing that they are absolutely in love. It all comes to a head on their way to finalize the divorce. After Ji Sook confesses that looking at her husband’s eyes gives her strength, he turns around and tells her that he loves her—not as Eun Ha but as Ji Sook! He reveals that her leaving him will be tantamount to killing him, so, if she wants to save him, she must stay! We hope this means they’ll finally be teaming up against his evil brother-in-law.

2. “Scholar Who Walks The Night”: Lifesaving lip-lock

As Sung Yeol tries to escape from Gwi with a wounded Yang Sun, he finds himself in a predicament: Gwi is tracking the scent of Yang Sun’s blood. Sung Yeol tries to throw him off their trail by placing Yang Sun’s blood on the creatures in the forest, but it only serves as a temporary fix when Gwi realizes the trick. Sung Yeol soon gets to a cliff, and with no other option, he jumps into the water with Yang Sun. Underwater, he exchanges oxygen with Yang Sun to keep her from drowning, and when they get back on land, there’s more lip-lock as he administers CPR.

3. “The Time We Were Not In Love”: A special presentation


Has Won finally come around to his feelings for Ha Na? All signs seem to be pointing to YES!

Won has bought a necklace for Ha Na, and rather than simply handing it to her, he’s got plans to make her and us swoon first! Won has turned their rooftop into a small, private theater. On the wall, a slideshow plays, and while it highlights their years long friendship, our heroine is the star of this show … well, apart from Won’s present that’s been tacked on the repurposed screen. If you’re a girl who’s long had questions about your friend’s feelings for you, then, this entire presentation puts the doubts to bed. Won is our new ideal K-drama boyfriend, and we just love his excitement as he anticipates unveiling this presentation to Ha Na. We’re jealous, and we wish it were us he’s been pining for!

4. Oh My Ghost: Life is short, so, be happy

The complicated love entanglements in this drama have us a little weary, but we’re going along for the ride, regardless. Why? Because it’s so much fun; we find ourselves laughing every single week. However, no good drama is without strong emotional moments like this one.

Sun Woo’s victory over his childhood tormentor doesn’t last long when he realizes that kicking him down now that their fates have reversed has turned him into some kind of bully. This, of course, means it’s time for brooding, or as our friends would say: manpain.

Cue our beloved Bong Sun-possessed-by-Soon-Ae to cheer him up and make him feel better. She reminds him that life is short, so, it’s often better to forgive and move on instead of dwelling on one’s pain because the time wasted on being hurt can be spent on being happy. We don’t know if they are the couple to root for, but every moment they share is a joy to watch. We love laughing at Soon Ae’s crazy antics, but we especially love how she’s able to get through to him and make him smile at moments like this.

5. “The Time We Were Not In Love”: Get a clue!

Seo Hoo has been trying to get back in Ha Na’s life with little success. Instead, he jams himself into her work life. Because Ha Na’s company is sponsoring Seo Hoo, he has personally requested that she tend to him and his business matters. Unable to get out of the situation, Ha Na just grits her teeth and does the best job she can without opening herself up to his advances. In a sober state, she seems to have a handle on things, but on the night of a company gathering, Ha Na gets drunk and rips him one. As Seo Hoo offers to giver her a ride home, she lets him know how she feels with several “I hate yous.” If he doesn’t get where he stands then, then he sure does when Won shows up. She beams at her best friend and gladly hitches a ride on Won’s back.

Although Seo Hoo looks as pitiful as a puppy left in the rain, we hope he figures out that between Ha Na and Won, there is no place for him.

6. “High Society”: Small sacrifices

Ji Yi is now a full-time employee at the Taejin Group. It’s her first day at work when Chang Soo calls to invite her out for lunch. Ji Yi has a few minutes left before her break ends, and she suggests eating at a tteokbokki street stand. Chang Soo isn’t keen about eating street foods, but his hunger wins out. He tastes some while Ji Yi happily gobbles up her share; they then finish off with a cup of instant coffee. We’re just loving how a guy like Chang Soo who’s used to the refined life is adjusting to the simpler things for Ji Yi’s happiness.

7. “I Remember You”: You’re just quirky


From a young age, Lee Hyun seemed far from normal, and his father wondered whether his son was a psychopath. When Lee Hyun reads his father’s journal, it scars him; his father believed his son’s a monster. Lee Hyun has since wondered how people perceive him, and when he asks Ji An what she thinks of him, she is initially hesitant. However, she admits that although he has his quirks, she doesn’t seem him as a monster. It’s a heartfelt scene that turns awkward, and so, Ji An decides it’s best to ask him out on a movie date … to make things less awkward. LOL. Ji An can’t believe what she’s just done, and neither can we! What is great about this is that Lee Hyun takes her up on the offer, and we hope this means the two will forge a deeper relationship.

That’s all for now! Thanks for checking out our list, and let’s do this again next time!

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