Jun Ji Hyun Talks About the Difference Between an Actor and a Star

Actress Jun Ji Hyun recently shared her thoughts on why the image of ‘stars’ receive more of the spotlight compared to ‘actors.’

The actress sat down for an interview with The Herald Business on July 23 and talked about what makes a ‘star’ different from an ‘actor,’ and why it’s important for actors to have star quality.

During the interview, Jun Ji Hyun was asked how she felt about always having had a star image rather than an actor image since her debut.

The actress responded honestly, “I think that actors without star quality have no competitive edge. In that aspect, it is meaningless to distinctly separate the two.”

She continued, “Anyone can become an actor, but not anyone can become a star. I do believe, to a certain extent, that there is something [about becoming a star] that doesn’t always work out no matter how much effort you put into it. Drawing the line for yourself feels like building a wall.”

When asked about what she looks for in the process of choosing her next project, Jun Ji Hyun shared, “When I’m choosing my next project, I pick one while thinking that I want to watch a fun movie. I choose a project on the basis of whether or not I think it will be a fun, feel-good movie.”

Meanwhile, Jun Ji Hyun’s latest movie, “Assassination,” hit theaters on July 22.

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