Hwang Jung Min Gives Away Incentives From “Ode to My Father” to Staff Members

It was relayed that actor Hwang Jung Min, the star of the hit movie “Ode to My Father,” gave away his incentives from the movie to the staff in the company as bonuses.

On July 25, local media OSEN reported that associates of the movie said, “Hwang Jung Min recently received incentives from the production company JK Film for the hit movie ‘Ode to My Father,’ and he gave the money back to all of the staff members of the company.”

According to the source, “Thousands of dollars’ worth of bonus was distributed among the entire staff. The movie did do exceptionally well, but Hwang Jung Min’s thoughtfulness toward the staff that he works with is special.”

The bonus was a big present to the staff, who are working hard in the hot summer months.

Meanwhile, Hwang Jung Min received huge praise after portraying the main character, Deok Su, in “Ode to My Father” which premiered last December.

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