Han Go Eun Gushes About Her Fiancé + Future Plans for Children

Actress Han Go Eun (40) recently gushed over upcoming wedding and shared her affection for her husband-to-be.

On the July 25 broadcast of KBS’ “Entertainment Weekly,” Han Go Eun took part in an interview with the entertainment news program.

During the interview, the actress expressed, “I never thought this day would come. As we met, everything was smooth-sailing and it felt like I was wearing the most perfect and cozy pair of shoes.”

When asked about her fiancé, who is four years her junior, Han Go Eun stated, “A younger man is still a man. I feel really comfortable around him and he’s loveable in my eyes. I show aegyo (cuteness) to my fiancé. There was no reason to not marry him. I don’t have a child yet, and we don’t have plans for that yet. But I do want to have a child that looks just like the person I love.”

On the topic of the proposal and her upcoming wedding ceremony, she shared, “I received a ring during the proposal. I didn’t think I would, but I teared up. I want to have a simple wedding with just our close family and friends.”

Meanwhile, Han Go Eun will be tying the knot with her four-years-younger fiancé this coming August 30.

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