Joy Says Yook Sungjae Looks Sexy When He Sweats While Doing Home Improvement on “We Got Married”

On July 25’s episode of “We Got Married,” Joy and Yook Sungjae work on decorating their newlywed home. Yook Sungjae surprises Joy by saying that he bought her a leaf-shaped canopy because she said that she likes nature. Joy takes out all the parts to the canopy, but says to him, “I’m not good at this kind of thing.”


“I’ve been in the army, so I’ve done this before!” boasts Yook Sungjae, referring to his time on the military reality show “Real Men” when he learned how to put up tents.


However it’s not long before he gets confused, saying, “But there are no holes, where am I supposed to put the pole in?!”

While he’s looking at the instructions, Joy finds the holes, and they eventually get the first pole in place. Joy ends up doing most of the work, but the leaf starts to take shape.


The two then hold up the leaf as Yook Sungjae tries to fix it to the wall with a drill. “The screws are really short,” he claims. He’s getting hot, and so Joy runs to get him a towel. She drapes it on his shoulders, and then wipes his face with the towel. “You look so cool when you’re sweating,” she says to him. “It’s sexy!”


In his interview, Yook Sungjae says, “I was really confident because I’ve been to the army, so I have no idea why I was so incompetent in front of Joy. I was really sorry because I couldn’t show her a cool side of me.”

Joy confesses, “I didn’t want him to get down about it, so I was cheering him on to try to raise his spirits.”


You can watch their cute home improvement project on July 25’s episode of “We Got Married”!

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