INFINITE’s Hoya Expresses His Affection for “Mask” Co-Star Soo Ae

INFINITE‘s Hoya revealed his affection for his “Mask” co-star Soo Ae.

On the July 25 broadcast of KBS2‘s “Entertainment Relay,” INFINITE, who recently made a comeback, gave an interview.

Hoya is recently playing Soo Ae’s little brother on SBS‘s Wednesday-Thursday drama, “Mask.” When asked about Soo Ae, Hoya says, “She’s like an angel. She feels like a real older sister. I wish I had an older sister like her.”

Afterwards, he is asked about the time when he said that he wanted to film a melodrama with veteran actress Yoon Yeo Jung. He explains, “I said that on radio because Yoon Yeo Jung told me that she thought I was good at acting.”

When asked to choose between Soo Ae and Yoon Yeo Jung, Hoya chooses Soo Ae with no hesitation whatsoever, inciting laughter.

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