Update: B1A4 Unveils Track List and Teasers for Mini Album “Sweet Girl”

Update 8/5 KST:

The music video teaser for “Sweet Girl” has been released.

Update 8/1 KST:

Album highlight is released.

Update 07/29:

Track list released.


It looks like B1A4 is going for a romantic bohemian look for the concept of their sixth mini album “Sweet Girl“!

On July 27, the group dropped some gorgeous teaser images to get fans excited about their upcoming mini album, which is set to be released on August 10.

The first picture features the guys sporting some hippie-inspired outfits as they walk through a field next to wildflowers. Their individual teasers also continue the romantic, dream-like atmosphere.

b1a4a b1a4b b1a4c b1a4d b1a4e

The rest seem to be designed to evoke the feeling of the concept, as they don’t include the B1A4 members but instead capture beautiful scenes of nature: long grass and wildflowers, a butterfly, and a rose.


b1a44 b1a43

Which individual teaser is your favorite of the set?

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