Tablo’s Daughter Haru Shows Her Love for a Neighborhood Dog in New Photo

On July 26, a photo was posted on Instagram of Epik High member Tablo‘s adorable five-year-old daughter Haru showing her affection for a neighborhood puppy.

Haru is well known from when she appeared on the reality show “Superman Returns” with her dad Tablo from 2013 to the end of 2014. Although they’re no longer on the show, fans have been able to keep up with Haru and her family through the Instagram @tabloisdad, which features photos of Haru’s daily life and is reportedly managed by Haru’s mom, actress Kang Hye Jung.

The caption to this photo says, “Ohdong, take care~”. Haru also happens to be carrying a white plush dog in her arms, which matches her all-white outfit.

It seems that Haru is just as much of an animal lover as ever!