“Superman Returns” Welcomes Lee Dong Gook’s Huge Family to Its Lineup

Five kids, including two sets of twins. That’s how many children pro soccer player Lee Dong Gook will be in charge of on his own while he appears on the hit KBS show “Superman Returns“!

Lee Dong Gook and his children make their first appearance on the show in July 26’s episode, when they formally introduce themselves to viewers. The two eldest twin girls are nine years old in Korean reckoning (seven years old in Western reckoning), and are named Jae Shi and Jae Ah.


The second set of twin girls are named Seol Ah and Soo Ah and are only two years old.


Lastly, the youngest is an eight-month-old boy named Shi Ahn, whose nickname is Daebak!


Lee Dong Gook manages to get the four older kids to greet the viewers, but after that things get a bit chaotic as the younger twins start to yawn and wander around, and the littlest one starts to fuss. Soo Ah and Seol Ah disappear for a moment and then return to the interview with q-tips up their noses!


Viewers then get a glimpse of what they can expect once the family starts their regular appearances on the show next week. It looks like the younger twins will be getting into a lot of mischief, while Lee Dong Gook will be relying on the very mature older girls to help him care for their younger siblings. Also, the littlest member of the family Daebak seems super adorable and curious about everything he encounters!



When the news of Lee Dong Gook joining the show was announced earlier this month, a representative from KBS stated that there will be no families leaving “Superman Returns” at this point and that the show will continue with five families in its lineup.

What do you think of these cute new additions to “Superman Returns”?

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