“Assassination” Records Second Highest Single-Day Attendance for a Korean Film

New film “Assassination” had a historic opening weekend, recording the second highest number of single-day ticket sales ever for a Korean film.

According to distributor Showbox and aggregate ticket sales numbers, the new film by director Choi Dong Hoon drew 949,135 viewers on July 25, the film’s fourth day in theaters. This is the second highest number in the history of Korean films, behind only 2014’s “The Admiral: Roaring Currents,” which drew 1,257,000 viewers on its fifth day in theaters. Meanwhile, Choi Dong Hoon’s previous blockbuster “Thieves” drew 759,000 viewers in a single day before becoming the fourth highest grossing film in Korean movie history.

The film is set in the 1930 and stars Jun Ji Hyun, Ha Jung Woo, and Lee Jung Jae who make up a team of assassins. Watch the trailer here.

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