“Infinity Challenge” PD Responds to Noh Hong Chul Signing With FNC

News that comedian Noh Hong Chul has signed with FNC Entertainment has resulted in an increase in netizen interest and raised speculation about his possible return to variety show “Infinity Challenge.”

On July 27, FNC Entertainment made the public announcement that they signed an exclusive contract with Noh Hong Chul. FNC stated that it is “A contract that will not spare whole-hearted support” and that they are “figuring out the timing of Noh Hong Chul’s comeback.”

Later in, the program’s PD Kim Tae Ho made clear his position on the issue, saying, “There is no connection between Noh Hong Chul’s contract and a return to “Infinity Challenge.”

Meanwhile, Noh Hong Chul is currently undergoing a period of self reflection following his DUI incident.

Would you like to see Noh Hong Chul return to “Infinity Challenge”?

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