Leeteuk Reveals That His Happiness Comes From the Small, Vengeful Victories

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk, who currently the MC for “White Swan,” revealed the hilarious way in which he relieves stress.

During the July 27 episode of JTBC‘s healing makeover show “White Swan,” Leeteuk confesses that he has some impulsive behavior.

The Hallyu star says, “I actually have some serious impulse to clean. There are days when all I do is mop the floor, and others when the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is spray perfume over my bed.”

The psychiatrist, after listening to Leeteuk’s story, says, “I suspect that you have obsessive-compulsive disorder, not impulsive behavior.”

Leeteuk then floods the entire studio with laughter as he confesses, “I search up my name every morning and I click ‘like’ on the articles that say good things about me, and ‘dislike’ on the ones that say bad things. This is my happiness and my biggest stress relief.”

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