Key Reveals Heartbreaking Reason Why He Can’t Throw Away an Old Dish in His Fridge

SHINee‘s Key revealed the reason why he can’t throw away some of the food in his fridge on JTBC‘s “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator.”

On the July 27 episode of the hit cooking show, BoA and Key appear as guests. During the show, the MCs are going through Key’s fridge when they ask, “Does your mother send you side dishes?”

To the question, Key answers, “Before my grandmother passed away, she used to prepare a lot of side dishes for me.”

key 1

Later, Jung Hyung Don, one of the MCs, picks up a container of dried anchovies, and says, “This seems a bit old.” Key reveals the heartbreaking reason why he hasn’t thrown it away, “That is a dish that I can’t throw away because of thoughts of my grandmother.”

Meanwhile, JTBC’s “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator” is a program where professional chefs cook out of the guests’ fridge in 15 minutes.

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