BEAST’s Yang Yoseob Reveals Why He Went on Vacation Alone to Saipan

On the July 27 episode of KBS2‘s “Escape Crisis Number 1,” BEAST appeared as guests as part of the vacation special. Yang Yoseob also shares about the reason why he went on a trip to Saipan alone.

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During the show, Yoon Doojoon and Son Dongwoon say, “We went to Hawaii with Yongjoon and one other friend.” Yang Yoseob reveals that he didn’t join them for the trip, saying, “I couldn’t go with them because of my musical schedules.” He then explains, “I was so jealous that they went to Hawaii that I went to Saipan by myself.”

When the cast expresses their disbelief, Yoon Doojoon testifies, “He really did go alone.” Yang Yoseob declares, “I ate meals alone and everything,” inciting laughter.

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