A Pink’s Hayoung Reveals Eunji’s Adorable Drinking Habits

A Pink‘s Hayoung revealed fellow group member Eunji‘s drinking habits.

On the July 27 episode of “Hello Counselor,” A Pink’s Hayoung and Eunji appeared as guests. On the show, a wife in her thirties shares her frustrations about her husband who urinates on the floor of their house when he gets drunk.

After hearing her story, the MCs asked the girls, “Do you have any habits when you get drunk?” Eunji denied, saying “I don’t have any.”

However, MC Lee Young Ja turned to Hayoung and said “the people who watch from the side know.”

Hayoung jumped at the question and said, “She kisses people when she gets drunk,” flustering her bandmate.

As Eunji’s habits were revealed, Lee Young Ja looks over sneakily at fellow MC Jung Chan Woo and says that he has the same habits. Jung Chan Woo isn’t fazed though, as he says flatly, “I fixed that habit completely when I started ‘Hello Counselor,'” flooding the studio with laughter.

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