miss A’s Suzy Looks Chic and Stylish in Pictorial for Beanpole

Suzy of miss a recently showed off her gorgeous visuals in a fall season advertisement pictorial for fashion brand Beanpole.

On July 28, a number of cuts featuring Suzy, who is currently an endorsement model for Beanpole, during her photo shoot for the brand’s fall line of accessories were revealed.

In these photos, Suzy can be seen flaunting her chic and stylish outfits as well as trendy accessories for the upcoming fall season.

Meanwhile, more behind-the-scenes stills from her photo shoot with Beanpole can be found on the official Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts of the brand.

Check out a few of the cuts below!

Suzy Beanpole Suzy Beanpole 2 Suzy Beanpole 3 Suzy Beanpole 4

What do you think of these looks?

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