Recap: 5 Memorable Moments from BTS's LA Takeover

BTS are known for their explosive energy and when we were lucky enough to attend the LA stop of their “2015 BTS LIVE TRILOGY IN USA ‘Episode II. The Red Bullet,” we saw firsthand that they always live up to that reputation.

It was hard to choose our 5 most memorable moments from the show, but giving you a pic spam of the members was easy. So, click through our gallery to catch some of our favorite moments and all of our favorite pics from #TRBinLA!

And, if you haven’t already, don’t miss our exclusive #SOOMPIxBTS interview with the members!


1. Right from the epic opening to the show, we knew that LA ARMY were there to go hard and definitely one of the highlights of the show was the crowd! From knowing all the words to the songs to the perfect fan-chants – it was obvious that BTS was feeding off the energy of the attendees! Here’s a round of applause for all of you LA ARMY – from BTS themselves.


2. V deciding to (silently) copy J-Hope‘s rapping mannerisms during the “Look Here” performance. Everyone knows that V is a member of the rap-line in his heart and he proved his skills in at least copy-rapping during the performance. Perhaps the best part was that J-Hope didn’t even notice – so V got away with it, for now.


3. Jungkook finally noticing Jimin during the vocal-line’s performance of the extended version of “Outro: Propose.” When the members stood up from their stools, Jimin made a grab for Jungkook but missed. Lucky for him, the moment didn’t deteriorate into a sad-faced Jimin. Jungkook turned around and began spinning his hyung on the stool. Cue smiley Jimin and the audience screaming.


4. Right before the performance of “Miss Right,” the members face-off in a fierce match of rock, paper, scissors. The penalty for losing? The “dreaded” aegyo. (I put it in quotes because fans love aegyo, but the members perhaps not so much.) When Jimin won, leader Rap Monster said it was okay because only the handsome Jungkook and Jin were left. Jimin decided to fight back, yelling into the mic “I’M HANDSOME!” as he stood at the edge of the stage, arms flung out wide, everyone in the room screamed in agreement. Yes Jimin, you are very, very handsome.


5. J-Hope going wild during “Cypher, Pt.3: KILLER.” The “Cypher” performances are pretty legendary, it’s not often that you get to see the rap-line completely in their element and just going hard without having to worry about choreography. To see the performance in person? Well, it’s probably more amazing than you can imagine. In LA, J-Hope decided to go extra hard and doused the audience with water to get them even more pumped for the performance – and it definitely worked.


Now, it was ridiculously hard to choose only five moments from last night’s #TRBinLA. But, it was not hard to choose pictures for a pic spam. If we haven’t posted a pic of your bias yet, just click through our gallery and enjoy. We have plenty of pics of all the members.

If you were at the show, let me know your favorite moments below! Let’s talk about them!


Jimin flawlessly hitting those high notes.


J-Hope: “I’m your hope, I’m your angel!”


Suga doing his thing. How is it possible to be both adorable and full of swag all at the same time?


That time Jungkook got real close and personal with the front row. RIP front row.


Rap Monster calling you out.


Just Suga again, killing it as usual. Nbd.


Jin reminding us all that he can and will go hard. Nobody messes with Jin.


I wonder what V is thinking? Will we ever know?


Why are you clutching your heart, Rap Monster? It’s the fans that should be doing that! (Spoiler: they were doing that.)


And, that’s all for our recap! A special thank you to SubKulture Entertainment for having us to cover the show!

Remember, let us know what you thought of the show below! Are you going to a future stop? Let us know what you’re most excited about~

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