Julien Kang’s Agency Responds to Dating and Marriage Rumors With Model Jang Sung Hee

On July 28, a news outlet had exclusively reported that Julien Kang is currently in a relationship with three years younger model Jang Sung Hee with marriage in mind, even stating that the parents of both sides are aware and approve of their relationship.

According to the report, a source close to the two people claimed that Julien Kang and Jang Sung Hee first met at a gathering of friends and quickly developed their relationship as a couple.

However, following the release of these reports, Julien Kang’s agency clarified, “After checking with Julien Kang himself, it is not true that his is dating model Jang Sung Hee. As such, the rumors that they are preparing for marriage are also groundless. They simply have a close oppa-dongsaeng (sibling-like) relationship.”

The agency rep continued to explain, “They are part of a group of friends that meet together. While they have a comfortable enough friendship to share a meal and conversation, they are not a couple.”

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