INFINITE Takes 6th Win With “Bad,” Records 2nd Highest Score Ever on “The Show”

INFINITE continues to sweep music shows with “Bad.”

On the July 28 broadcast of SBS MTV‘s “The Show,” INFINITE, GOT7, 9MUSES, Stellar, and GFriend were nominated for first place. INFINITE came out on top with 8,657 points, recording the second highest score to be achieved by any artist or group on “The Show.”

This week’s episode included comebacks by HELLOVENUS, GFriend, SONAMOO, and Blady and performances by GOT7, Stellar, NC.A, 9MUSES, and more.

Check them out below!

INFINITE – “Bad” [Winner]

HELLOVENUS – “I’m Ill” [Comeback]

GFriend – “Me Gustas Tu” [Comeback]

Blady – “Secret Nu” [Comeback]

SONAMOO – “Cushion” [Comeback]

GOT7 – “Just Right”

MAMAN – “Obvious Story”

Stellar – “Vibrato”

9MUSES – “Hurt Locker”

NC.A – “Vanilla Shake”

Z.Hera – “XOX”

Dickpunks – “We Young”

Eun Ga Eun & Kidstep – “Never Stop Goodbye”

WANNA.B – “Attention”

10X10 – “Amomia”