Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Reveals the Drink That Keeps Her Skin Looking Gorgeous

On July 28’s episode of “Channel Girls’ Generation,” Yuri shares one of her own beauty secrets with viewers. It’s none other than a simple drink that she says can help you get glowing and blemish-free skin within five days: lemon juice and carbonated water!

On the show, she shows how to make it by juicing a lemon and then adding it to some carbonated water.


She also tells viewers not to brush their teeth right after drinking it, because of the acidity of the lemon juice. Instead, she says to wait half an hour before you brush your teeth.

Yuri explains that she’s been drinking it every day for over a year. The taste isn’t for everyone though, as Tiffany says she can’t stand how sour it is!


Are you going to try Yuri’s carbonated lemon juice trick?

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