Girls’ Generation’s YoonA and Yuri Drive Taeyeon Crazy With Aegyo

On July 28’s episode of “Channel Girls’ Generation,” YoonA and Yuri get into a spontaneous fit of aegyo, and Taeyeon can barely handle it!

The two members are doing the popular aegyo trend that all started with this video of a young girl saying “I had a dream, I dreamt of a ghost, it was scary!” in an incredibly adorable way.

When Taeyeon sees the two aegyo-ing it up on their own, she says, “I can’t be here right now!” and turns away.


But the aegyo just doesn’t stop, and Yuri takes it to the next level by switching out the words in the phrase to say “I dreamt of a ‘Party!'”


YoonA and Yuri keep it up as all three of them start walking to the dock. Taeyeon can’t even look at them and just says with a laugh, “I feel so uncomfortable.”



Watch their serious aegyo explosion in the video below!

What do you think of the girls’ version of this aegyo trend?

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