PSY Weighs the Importance of Practice vs. Star Quality

PSY visited the trainees hard at work on “Super Idol” to offer some important advice as a veteran singer and world star.

On the July 28 episode of MBC Music’s “Super Idol,” PSY goes into the trainees’ practice rooms in order to judge their dancing skills.

Chinese trainee Zuo Qi Bo says, “Suddenly I was told to dance in front of PSY. It was like they were telling me to die.”

psy 2

PSY, who helps calm the trainees’ nerves by joking, “My standards are just that you dance better than the adjudicator Kim Hyung Seok.” He also pays very close attention to their dance and gives positive and constructive criticism.

After looking at their dance, PSY says, “Star quality comes first. Everyone is good, but what will make you stand out is not the amount of practicing you do, but star quality.”

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with PSY that star quality is something that can’t be overcome with practice?

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